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Writng have been taking photos professionally since 1996.  Their photos have appeared in the Pennsylvania Angler and Boater, American Angler, Field and Stream, Midwest Flyfishing, Minnesota Trout and other print media, as well as online.  Open the articles below or visit our Photo Gallery for a sample of photos both in and out of print.

Cindy & Carl are available to shoot outdoor and adventure photography on a contractual basis, and will consider selling single-use or full rights to individual photos as well.

Carl has been actively writing children's and adult nonfiction articles since 1996.  His work has been published in the Pennsylvania Angler and Boater, Minnesota Trout, Midwest Flyfishing and other print media, and is widely available online.  He has won "Best Major Feature" awards from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission for his work for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Below are links to a small variety of Carl's articles published in the PA Angler & Boater Magazine.  Please note most are in *.pdf format. All photos contained in the articles are by Carl Haensel, unless otherwise noted.

"Your Fishing Field Guide" Series

Published Bimonthly Since 2004

Feature Articles
Fishing the Little Black Stonefly - January 2010 Small Stream Steelhead
Fishing the Light Hendrickson - March 2009 Photography on the Water
Fishing the Diamond Hair Streamer - July 2008 Canoe Camping Basics
The Hornberg: Streamer with a Twist - March 2007 Picking a Fly Pattern
The Pass Lake - September 2006 Big City Stripers
The Pheasant Tail Nymph - November 2005 SMART Angler's Notebook - Flytying
A Crane Fly Larva - January 2005 Nockamixon State Park
The Floating Minnow - March 2004 Care of the Catch
  SMART Angler's Notebook - Flyfishing
  PA's Fishing Capital
  Dry Fly Tips & Tricks
  Aquatic Exotic Species Poster


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