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at Namebini focuses on functional stoneware.  We believe that pottery should be used and enjoyed on a daily basis and that the satisfaction from a hot mug of cocoa or bowl of soup can be just as much about the vessel as it is about the contents.

If you're looking for bowls, mugs, plates, cups, platters, pie plates & other items that you can use every day, check out some of the selection below. Our pottery can be used in the microwave, on the stove top and in the oven. All glazes that we use are lead-free.

If you are interested in learning about our current projects, visiting the pottery studio, or purchasing items, contact us or Email Cindy Haensel.


Teapot, Cup & Plate
Teapot, Cup & Plate


Red & Black Bowl
Tableware Bowl
Tableware Mug
Tableware Mug

Fish Print Plate

Fish Print Plate


Dish Set

Set of Dishes

Bowl Set Detail

Detail of Stacked Bowl Set
Finishing a Plate
Cindy Trimming a Plate


Mugs ready to bisque fire
Mugs Ready to Fire
Serving Bowl
Large Bowl

Small Bowl

Soup Bowl

Serving Dish

Serving Dish

Creating a Leaf Pattern

Imprinting a Maple Leaf


Cindy Haensel at Her Kick Wheel

Cindy At Her Kick Wheel


Pie Plate

Pie Plate


Stoneware Mug

Tableware Mug



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