Flyfishing the Brule River © Carl & Cindy HaenselNodding Trillium © Carl & Cindy HaenselBrook Trout © Carl & Cindy HaenselPalisade Head © Carl & Cindy Haensel



All of the photos below were taken at Namebini. Take a look and check out some of the things you might find during your visit here!

Yellow Lady Slipper

Trail through the high Oak Woods Young Pileated Woodpecker in Nest

Evening Grosbeak

Heavy Snow Along the Sucker River Butterfly Along the Sucker River
November Sunset Black Bear on a Trail at Namebini Red Fox at Namebini
Flyfishing the Sucker River Bunchberry Flowers Casting Pond
Whitetail Bucks in Velvet Yellow Lady Slipper North Woods Grouse

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All Photos Copyright Carl & Cindy Haensel

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